Clean, organic, nutrient dense skin care is totally possible and I am here to tell you about it.

 I will be honest that in my experience over the past, chemicals have made a positive difference in my skin care routine. I need not mention brand names, but high glycolic, high vitamin C loaded products were my game. They worked to resurface, tighten and lift my skin, and improved the texture and clarity of my skin, but the hippie holistic Kirsten was always on my right shoulder looking at the ingredients and cringing.

My thought process at the time was:  I am pretty good in other areas of my life where chemicals are concerned, so I am sticking with what gives me results dammit!

Let me introduce you to The Vital Image (TVI for short). You will hear me talking a whole lot about this company because I am absolutely in love with every single product they manufacture.


  •  It Works. My skin adores the texture of these products and instantly reacts by absorbing the product completely. (I want to cover my whole body in the skin renewal complex.)
  • Products are concentrated, nutrient dense and are different than anything you have ever used because of their COPS delivery system. What are COPS and what do they do for the skin? 

“COPS (Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic) break down the nutrients in our hundreds of plant extracts into particles that our skin can absorb and use as nutrition. Also they oxygenate, set the PH and keep the elements in a pro-biotic (charged, alive) environment so that each ingredient is atomically prepared to enhance the skin. The COPS also eliminate any need for chemicals (emulsifiers, detergents, or preservatives). Thus, you get chemical free, cruelty-free, food grade, plant based, nutrient replete food—the cornerstone to healthier, clearer, firmer, more radiant and younger looking skin” (

  •  IT’S EASY TO USE. I am in the process of replacing all of my hair, skin and body care products with TVI. A few products is all you need.
  • It’s clean, organic and nutrient dense skin care. Extremely effective, I absolutely cannot get enough of these products on my skin and body. I look forward to applying day and night because of the instant lift, tightening, and hydration my skin feels.
  • Its affordable!! Yes! Because TVI manufactures in small batches and doesn’t give a hoot about expensive marketing and packaging, these products are less expensive (and way more effective) than brands you might currently use. 
  • It’s gentle enough for everyone including children, pregnant women, and pets. Yet highly effective to fight anti-aging, acne, rosacea, and sun damage.

  Recommending and educating is part of my job, and I want to feel good about what I recommend. I am tired of stuffy, snobby lines that are evasive in their ingredients and hide behind colorful packaging. People are marketed to every day, however we are marketing to the senses and not the ingredients. I have chosen The Vital Image for recommendation to clients because it works. It gives me the results I am looking for: hydrated, lifted, younger looking skin, while at the same time targeting whatever skin condition ales you. This is clean, organic, nutrient dense skin care.

 The Vital Image is not a foofy line. I have read reviews stating that TVI products don’t smell nice, or that the packaging isn’t pretty, and let me just say, If that is what you are looking for in your skin and body care products then please head to Bath & Bodyworks. TVI products don’t need to be pretty because they deliver results. Their products are made in small batches, do not contain any fragrance, fillers or solvents in them, and the color and smell of product can fluctuate occasionally due to the color or potency of botanicals used. To top it off, The Vital Image is run by two of the nicest most helpful people I have talked to in this industry. Unpretentious, educational, and approachable, their goal is to put you in touch with the best skin care available. Running off the coast of California since 1986. My #1 tried and true is The Vital Image.