If you are into the new age (ancient traditions) of wellness and spirituality, then you are somewhat aware we are in the midst of great spiritual enlightenment. Many of us still have a veil over our eyes, but if you are in touch with Spirit, you may be feeling a shift. I certainly am, and I am just now getting in touch with my Spirit. Perfect timing.

Is anything imperfect where we are concerned? Supposedly we are always right where we are supposed to be, even if we are uncomfortable.

Man have I been uncomfortable for a long damn time, and I am ready for a change.

In reflection (and there’s been a lot!), I have always been an anxious, emotional, outgoing, fickle (many would call me flaky), passionate Leo. People always comment on how happy and positive I am, however my perception of myself is different. I don’t always feel happy and positive: more like depressed and angry. I haven’t always liked myself, and I couldn’t figure out why I had no peace in my life. Somehow I knew there had to be something more. I was missing something. Do I sound like every other person in the world?

On a recent trip to Mexico, I had a profound experience. I can’t even describe it to you I can only say I heard my Spirit speak to me. On a beach, sitting on a log buried in the sand, staring out to Sea I heard myself.
You know, its that little voice that we hear all the time but don’t listen to….or if we do listen to it, we over-analyze the hell out of it.

At this moment it was loud and clear, and I was listening.

Self Love is the key to my peace and for my growth.

When do we lose ourselves and start beating ourselves up all the time? When do we start the negative self -talk, and jaded beliefs?

I long for the innocent three year old child I once was so I can tell her how much I love her, and how life might get tough, but to always stay true to you, and that I will be right there with her the whole way through.
However, I haven’t always been true to myself. Things happen in life along the way, and I haven’t always taken care of myself. We get paralyzed in self -limiting beliefs and start telling stories to ourselves that aren’t even true, and start believing them.

This is where I was stuck for a good long while, and I’m not out of the rut yet, but I can tell you I am on a quick path up. I have been seeing a health coach, a reiki master, and most importantly~listening to my spirit.

I realize that the relationship with my self has got to be the first relationship: before my significant other, and before my daughter even. I need to stop neglecting my self and restore the love.

The tools that I am implementing daily:

  • Being annoyingly mindful of my self -talk.
  • Changing my self –talk to a positive from a negative.
  • Telling myself I love myself throughout the day..and believing it.
  • Listening to my Spirit, and building a new relationship with it.

I am on a journey and I am sharing it with you. If you are in a similar situation or position I hope some of my information is useful, and please follow #mytriedandtrue to see what/who has helped me along the way.