Mar 302015

I get calls all the time asking about the differences between Waxing and Sugaring. What is the difference?

Well, there are many. The application process, the time it takes, the ingredient list, how it effects the skin, the cost, and so on.

It is so amusing to me however, when I ask people on the line, “What have you heard about it, that makes you want to sugar oppose to wax”? The answer is always the same..”I heard it doesn’t hurt”.

This is simply not true, and I have to chuckle. 

To me the only similarity between Sugaring and Waxing is this…the hair is still being pulled out by the root. If you have ever had a Brazilian Sugar or Wax, then you know, no matter how you are removing the hair, it hurts like hell. Lets not lie about it. In fact, I believe sometimes the Sugar can hurt even more. Why? Well the application process is different.

While wax is applied IN the direction of hair growth using a stick, and pulled off AGAINST the direction of hair growth with a strip, Sugar is applied AGAINST the hair growth (this process is called moulding, where the sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle wrapping around the hair) with only the sugar (imagine a thick corn syrup consistency), and a gloved hand, then pulled off (with the same gloved hand) WITH the hair growth. Confused yet? Most people are.

The moulding process for ME, (yes people I get Brazilians too) hurts more than the actual hair being pulled out. However the benefits of Sugaring has led me to never use wax on myself ever again. 

The most important fact, from an ingredient standpoint, is that Sugar does not stick to live skin cells. This could be the reason Sugaring Technicians may say that it doesn’t hurt. Sugar consists of 3 ingredients. Sugar, water and lemon juice. So although it is painful when sugar is applied and pulled off, there is no chance of “lifting” the skin. (The removal of the top layer of skin..ouch) Lifting doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you have experienced it, you know what Im talking about.

Look on the back of any wax can, and I can guarantee you will not recognize most of the ingredients. Waxing can stick to live skin cells, and in fact often does. This is not the end of the world, you will probably not notice it the next day, but if you can avoid it, why wouldn’t you? 

The second most important fact in my opinion, is that due to the application process of Sugar, people experience less ingrown hairs.

Pulling hair AGAINST the hair growth, (wax) can cause the hair to break off. Meaning that the hair was not pulled out of the follicle, but just broken off under the skin. If this makes no sense, look at it this way…you are pretty much getting the same effect as shaving. Where the hair is removed just below the surface of the skin. The blunt sharp edge of hair is just annoying the skin above causing irritation. Since Sugar is pulled off IN the direction of hair growth, there is much less a chance for the hair to break turn causing less irritation and ingrown hairs.

The cost for us technicians to purchase Sugar is significantly higher than that of wax. A jar of Sugar usually runs 25$-35$, where a can of wax depending on the brand can cost is 9$-15$. Therefore Sugaring is a bit more expensive. For ME, the above reasons of saving your skins health, and appearance is way more important than saving a few bucks.

Due to the “moulding” process of sugar, sometimes the treatment can last a bit longer than wax, but again, Im not gambling with my skin.

Lets see…..oh yes! Did I mention that Sugar contains 3 ingredients only? My Favorite reason for using Sugar from a technicians point of view, is that is comes off with water. The residue, if any, left behind from the sugaring process can be removed with a swipe of a wet wipe.

Wax can leave a sticky residue (on you, and me) that needs to be removed with an oil based product, and lots of rubbing. Wax gets everywhere….I have it all over my body and treatment room by the end of a busy day. Much easier for you and me, to clean up after Sugar. 

I suppose I need to address the ‘Double Dipping’ scare. If you are in fear of the wax stick being double dipped into the can, then Sugar is the way to go. One “ball” of sugar is used for the whole area being treated. There is no risk of cross contamination. Also by nature sugar, is anti-bacterial, which certainly cannot be a bad thing.

Sugar is applied at room or low temperature, so there is no chance of burning your delicate areas.

I am in no way trying to sway anyone either way. I have clients that do just fine with wax. If you do call me, and ask me what I think, Im gonna give you the facts. If you say you heard that Sugaring doesn’t hurt, Im gonna tell you “Yes it does”. 

Ive been removing hair in the nether regions for 11 years. The process takes around 8-12 minutes. It all hurts, but you can do it. The after effects last much longer than the pain does. Go with someone experienced, and you should be just fine.

Make your own decision. i am always here to consult with you. 619-750-7875.